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Is the relationship between you and your child becoming one of continuous conflict? 

If so, Solace can help.

Our Mission

At Solace, our mission is to support families in implementing behavior management strategies to address challenging behaviors exhibited by the children in their care.  In the appropriate planning and implementation of such strategies, we utilize a team approach in working with families to fade and extinguish challenging behaviors before they lead to behavior disorder diagnoses such as ADHD/ADD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and other similar diagnoses. 


Solace was founded by a certified special educator, behaviorist, and parent with interest and experience in behavior management and learning differences.  This service was developed from observations of families' frustrations and, often, feelings of hopelessness due to their lack of influence over negative behaviors displayed by their children.

Holding [children] accountable and demonstrating compassion are not incompatible notions.  You can always extend grace while you provide discipline.  You can always respect their dignity while you administer consequences.

- Danny Steele, Educator